10 Steps to clean and organize your closet! Get ready for Fall!

Lydia Heinbockel

Posted on September 05 2013

It's Time ladies...to make room for Fall! And I know you love fall as much as I do. Trends are color blocking, leather biker jackets, animal prints, Olive, Burgundy, sequins, winter white and much more....so this is what I like to do..
  1. Allow for an entire day or at least a half a day for this project, start early, and make sure that you have a full length mirror handy.    Don’t give up half way through – just power through, and don’t second guess yourself!
  2. Think about what is your current style.   Lay out your top 10 absolutely favorite pieces and examine them to really see what your current style is.    This will help you get rid of those ruffled tops you think you like, but you’ve never actually worn. Do you need help building on your current style and picking out shapes that flatter your body. If so make an appointment with me. I will help you free of charge for one hour. ;-)
  3. Consider a charity or to whom you will pass on the clothes you’re discarding – having this goal in mind will help you feel better about saying goodbye to some of the items you’ve held on to for so long.
  4. Remove everything from your closet and lay everything out in piles according to clothing type (skirts, pants, blouses, t-shirts, etc.).  Go through each pile one at a time.
  5. Keep a list of where there are gaps – items you need to complete your outfits, so you don’t waste time and buy more clothes you won’t wear next time you go shopping. Bring your list with you when you come shop at Lydia's World so I can help you style new fall outfits to look your best!
  6. If you haven’t worn it in two years – unless it has sentimental value – let it go.  It doesn’t matter if you got it as a gift or bought it on sale. Be Brave!
  7. Dress your age.  At the same time, don’t keep hand me downs or clothes that don’t fit – Clothes that need to be tailored to fit perfectly is well worth it! Spend the extra to have them tailored.
  8. Narrow down to the well fitted, good quality classics and add your personal style and flair with color accessories to show off your personality.   Try some colorful belts, scarfs or jewelry  to add flair.
  9. Set up “zones” in your closet that make sense to you – work, casual, evening.  Or perhaps by garment type: work shirts, dresses, skirts, pants.   Then clean it up by color within these zones.
  10. Get the right hangers – quality ones with the right grooves to keep tanks in place, and clips for skirts.  Also, get the appropriate clear containers for seasonal clothing storage.

Now… breathe, be proud of your hard work, and try to keep the clutter out of your life!

You can do it!!!! Please call me if you need help. I'm a pro at this! ;-)





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