European Culture

DFP International S.P.A. has been active on the textile market since 1999, specializing in the production of men, women and children’s clothing using the “garment dye” technique, an industrial method that has expanded continuously during the past few years. The company’s sound qualifications, both in terms of product and organisational quality, are the result of an original industrial model, developed by an exceptionally motivated and flexible business team. By constantly monitoring the evolving market, and always staying true to the identity of the product, DFP is now an integral part of the national and international market.

Working closely together, a creative team and a group of product technicians explore and experiment with new solutions, in a bid to improve the historical “garment dye” method, a market in which DFP International S.p.A. is the undisputed leader. By bringing in the world and perspectives of children, the projects aimed at the Junior market segment are also slowly expanding the philosophy behind European Culture.

The European Culture range of clothes is created by sewing and mixing different natural textiles which are then immersed in large tanks filled with dye for four hours at 95°C. This method results in garments of a very high quality which, when worn, gain in value and beauty over time. When washed, the textiles acquire different tones and shades, which give them a unique “vintage” look. This particular colouring process carried out at 95°C, also produces perfectly sterile garments, which guarantees a feel-good quality for the wearer.

The selected raw materials are of the highest quality and chosen to withstand the demands of production and usage. This care, together with the innovative and sophisticated design of the garments, makes DFP’s products truly unique. Also, the company’s specialized production processes allow for the usage of materials not usually available for dyeing clothes, such as the latest generation fibres and wools.



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