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Minnie Rose

The art and style of Minnie Rose is the genius of designer Lisa Shaller-Goldberg and is front and center in the New York fashion district. Lisa’s understanding of the contemporary woman led to her signature collection of Minnie Rose sweaters, accessories, dusters, shawls and ponchos. The cashmere and cotton blends add a sense of luxury that women want. The Minnie Rose skirts, tops and bottoms accommodates the void that Lisa observed for this genre. Lisa carried her philosophy of fashion into the concept of Minnie Rose through chic and effortless pieces that transcend time and trends. Minnie Rose is named after both of Lisa’s grandmothers; a true homage. Celebrities that have been seen in Minnie Rose include: Halle Berry, Kim Cattrall, Britney Spears, Shania Twain, Faith Hill and Christie Brinkley.