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Parker Smith

When Mary Ellen Moschetti CEO of Parker Smith set out to launch a denim line she was very focused on one goal, to fill a void in the marketplace for on-trend, comfortable, contemporary denim for women with amazing fabric & fit and just a bit more coverage for women over 30.

That goal is now a reality and women of all ages are taking notice.

“Interestingly enough, Parker Smith has become such a fabulous crossover brand, the fits are truly universal. Today, we can fit Jennifer Aniston and Gigi Hadid into a pair of Parker Smith Jeans,” says Mary.

The girls are serious about a comfortable jean with an amazing fit which matches the fabric.

“As the designer for Parker Smith, I definitely look to the fabric as one of the main elements. If we don’t have the right fabric we can’t achieve the silhouette we want to achieve. With our higher-rises we utilize fabrics you can style with a 10 1/2 inch rise so while you are sitting down it won’t bunch up in the center,” says head designer Selina Tahmasian.