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Taylor and Tessier

Adam and Taylor’s merger was organic, and their line has grown the same way. Working long hours side-by-side in a 100-year old workshop in Aspen to bring T&T to life, their four hands have shaped every step of the process.

Taylor’s tenacity and natural entrepreneurship push the designs of T&T forward. At age 12, she walked into Aspen bead store, Hot Mama, and requested a job. “Come back in a year,” was the reply. To no one’s surprise, she did, and has been working to refine her craft ever since, making the rounds at local salons to sell jewelry and securing a booth at the Aspen Saturday Market.

Raised by a painter and a writer in Northern Idaho, Adam was inspired by Taylor’s passion. Her creative vision and tenacity were a natural fit with Adam’s business savvy and artistic DNA. Determined to build a business together, they drew on the feedback and support of the gracious, innovative residents of the Valley to hone their vision. Today, their artistic partnership feeds their marriage and vice versa.

“I think about those late nights up in the studio, building the line together,” says Taylor.” We had some bumps in the road sure, but we’ve been going full steam ever since.”